Hello! I am delighted that you stopped by. Whether you found me on social media or someone recommended me, I am so glad you are here! My name is Brenda, I am a dark chocolate lover, roman history enthusiast, loving auntie and napping expert. If I am not behind a camera you can find me spending time with my loving fiancé or most definitely giving plenty kisses and hugs to my beautiful nieces. At an early age, photography meant so much to me since my parents cherished old photographs that told exciting memories to them. As time went by, I realized that wanting to create those same feelings of nostalgic moments had turned into a personal passion. 

As I slowly began my journey as a photographer, many new chapters in my life were unfolding. Friends became parents for their first time, and I could not help but snap pictures of every smile their babies brought on to them. My sister gave birth to my first niece, Adalynn, and with that, I knew I had my first lifelong client and model! With the beauty of life, we also encounter unexpected challenges. Two months after turning 1, Adalynn fell ill and had to be admitted into Loma Linda's Children's Hospitals' hematology unit for a week. Countless testings were performed by an incredible staff of doctors and nurses to ensure she was sent home a healthy child. Because of this personal experience, it deepened my love for children and was now determined in giving back to those who helped send my little waddling 1 year old niece back home. Healthy as can be, she continues being my most beloved muse. Adalynn Rae will be turning 3 this April 2020. 

Children's hospitals will always have a special place in my heart and with that being so, I have pledged to donate 10% of all bookings to LLUCH. 

As a photographer, I know I want to focus on emotions and affection. That is why I say, let's make it happen! Book your session, I want to make your heart happy with countless memories for years to come!  




Maternity Session

Welcome to motherhood! My maternity sessions are taken to capture the amazing woman you are and the pure excitement of soon meeting your little "pebble". During our session, I strive to capture those peaceful, and joyous bonding moments between you and your baby.

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Newborn Session

Those tiny toes, pouty lips, and a perfect little button nose. Hands so perfectly small they wrap around one of your fingers. Newborns grow and change so quickly, so let’s capture these moments before they are soon just a brief memory.


Child's Birthday Themed Session

My FAVORITE session without a doubt. This session is completely personalized and custom designed to your desired theme! Whether it is a mermaid, sunflower, dino or holiday inspired theme you have in mind, let me know and I will make it happen! Plus, I have teamed up with very talented friends that will provide a custom smash cake if your little one is to turn that special 1 yr milestone!



Daddy & Me / Mommy & Me

A bond between a parent and a child is so mysteriously awesome that it is only right to want to capture those special moments between the two. This session will give you the great opportunity to have a lasting reminder of the special relationship you have with your children at any age.


Family Lifestyle

Families grow and change every year, I would love to create the perfect portrait to embrace the unique personality and dynamics of your family.



Special Events

Whether it is a family reunion, birthday party, baby & bridal shower or any other celebration in your life, don't miss a moment of these special events! Invite me over to creatively capture each memory as it unfolds!


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